Indian Army Get 4 Indigenously Nishant Unmanned Aerial Vehicles UAV's

Photo: DRDO

After completing successful flight trials in Rajasthan, the Indian Army recently took delivery of four indigenously designed and developed 'Nishant' Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV).

"Nishant has successfully completed the series of confirmatory trials conducted recently, by the Indian Army at Chandan Range in Pokharan, before taking delivery of a set of four UAVs together with ground systems," DRDO officials said.

To be used for battle-field reconnaissance day and night surveillance, target tracking and correction of artillery fire, the DRDO-developed UAV can also be utilised in anti-insurgency operations.

The Nishant is capable in being launched from a hydro pneumatic launcher, without the need of a runway. The UAV can be controlled by 'Ground Control Systems' mounted on Tatra vehicles, DRDO distinguished scientist Prahlada said.

With an endurance-level of four and a half hours, Nishant is designed for safe recovery from a desired place, with help by parachutes.

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