It's Time to Start Talking about Java EE 7

Alexis Moussine-Pouchkine, GlassFish Community Manager, explains that there is a lot of good things slated for Java EE 7. "The theme for Java EE 7 is "The Cloud"...we're talking about multi-tenancy, application versioning, support for NRDBMS stores but also about modularity, trying to leverage what will be done at the JavaSE level," he explains in his blog. Of course, all it's still early and a lot can change once the expert groups form and get to work. Nevertheless, there is a lot to be excited about!

For the first time, JavaOne went on the road and traveled to São Paulo, Brazil and Beijing, China. Developers were delighted to have the content, community, and the JavaOne experience come to them. Java Evangelist Arun Gupta captured the flavor of JavaOne Latin America in his blog. In China, Java Champion Adam Bien reported "I was warned that Chinese audience isn't interactive -- and it is absolutely not true!" Stay tuned for Duke packing his bags for Russia and India.

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