Pakistan rejects Afghan claims on airspace violation

Pakistani officials have refused the report made by the Afghan commanders which claims that the Pakistan Air Force has imposed an attack on a district in Nangarhar thus violating the Afghan airspace.

An anonymous senior official stated that such moves which are focusing on upsetting the understandings between Pakistan and Afghanistan will have serious consequences on the regional developments.

The Pakistani Consul General in Jalalabad, Muhammad Taufeeq also rejected the charges that a Pakistani aircraft has violated Afghan airspace or hit any civilian target. By his words, only one Pakistani helicopter has landed in the Anargi area in order to observe a border post.

A local Afghan commander responded that a couple of houses were damaged by the mysterious attack and that their country is capable of retaliation, however, high-ranking officials have ordered them not to respond to the attack.

According to Afghan commander, Brig. Gen. Aminullah Amarkhel the Pakistani forces have launched an attack on border police posts thus hitting two checkpoints in the Anargi area. On the other hand according to Pakistani officials, NATO-backed troops had attacked Pakistani side and this resulted in the death of one and injuries on three others.

United States has often criticized Pakistan on not doing much, while Pakistan has suffered the most losses in the war on terror.

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